5/16/06 – Now it’s getting Fun!

May 19, 2006 at 1:15 pm (732 Walnut Updates, Albany Links, Preservation Links)

Rod and Sawzall

False Ceiling RemovedNow it's getting fun!  I love demolition!  Can't get enough of a sawzall, sledgehammer and crowbar.  I've been working on tearing out the false ceiling in the entry, kitchen, living and dining room.  Some time in the late 60s somebody thought it made sense to drop the ceilings from the original 11 feet down to only nine.  Crazy, I know, but it happened a lot during that era as folks tried to save on heating costs.
Found DoorwayI have also been attacking the lath and plaster walls.  In many spots it just crumbles in tiny pieces, other areas I'm able to remove it in bigger chunks.  A few surprises have appeared:  There was the closed off doorway, which we talked about in a previous blog.  Confirmed there was a transom window above the front door.  We had suspected that based on the way the exterior siding Transom Windowwas badly patched over the door, but it was confirmed when I discovered sheetrock over the front door instead of lath and plaster.  Also the framing indicated that area had been modified.
Between the dining room and living room I discovered an archway that had long been lowered and squared off — probably at the same time the ceilings were lowered.  The result is a much more open feel from room to room.  Archway
You have to have vision when tackling a project in as bad of shape as this house is.  But we are already seeing a payoff with the latest discoveries.  More to come!  Keep hitting this blog for all the latest!


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