5/20/06 – Free Recycling Day and More!

May 22, 2006 at 9:25 pm (732 Walnut Updates)

The past few days have seen lots of changes to the house.  Kate's dad Stephen came Dad Helpingdown to help out with the removal of the lath and plaster walls and ceilings.  Thank you, Stephen!  In the "blue room," (aptly named for the horrific blue trim color) he revealed two doorways that had been closed off years ago.  One went into the apartment space and was probably an outside door at one point. 
We had suspected that there was some muddling of the blue room because the closet was right up against a window — it just didn't feel right.  Sure enough, Blue Room Sillwith a little demolition you could easily see the rest of the window trim continues through the wall and into the closet.  This will be restored back to original.
Saturday, May 20th was Free Recycling day here in Albany. Recycling Day You have to haul it, but they will take just about anything.  So we borrowed Derrick and Julie Cox's trailer and hauled away 4 loads of yard debris and two loads of wood from the lath and plaster removal.  Kate gave the lawn another trim and the yard has never looked better! 

Check out the before and after pictures below:

Pre Recycling     Post Recycling
A special thank you goes out to our new favorite neighbor, Rod, who lives across the street.  As a retired logger he helped fall a tree that required skill in not landing on the project house or the house next door.  On Saturday, he pitched in to load the trailer!  Rod's wife Debbie is also very nice and dropped off a Welcome to the Neighborhood card.  Thanks to Rod and Debbie for being great neighbors!


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