5/22/06 – Another Door and a Date

May 22, 2006 at 10:00 pm (732 Walnut Updates)

Today I focused on tearing out the walls, ceiling and the poorly designed closet in the blue room.  After tearing out the closet it was clear that it was framed in well after the stairway to the upstairs was built. 
Later I began to tear apart the other bedroom and stumbled upon yet another doorway that went into the kitchen area of the apartment. 

Door to Apartment Kitchen     Door to Apartment Kitchen Opened

I also found a layer of very old paneling on three of the four walls.  The paneling is the Pannelingsame as much of the exterior siding of the house dating back to before 1885 (I think, based on Sanborn maps). 

The fourth wall provided an interesting fact:  The wall was added on Dec. 5, 1940.  Whoever did the work was nice enough to date it for us to find 65 years later.  Considering the similar construction Date on Woodmaterials — they used exactly the same wood based on the stamp — I believe the blue room closet and a stairway to the basement were added in 1940 too.
Why does the date of construction matter?  For us, the goal is to return the house to the way it was 100 years ago, after the third major addition.  If we attempted to return the house to how it originally looked in 1872, we would have to remove the apartment as well as the turret and all the gingerbread detail on the front of the house.   So, keeping the 100 year goal in mind, if a wall went up in 1940 instead of 1890, we wouldn't hesitate to remove it to create a better floor plan.


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  1. Doug & Joy said,

    Love what you are doing! How interesting to watch your discoveries from the comfort of our computer. You have done so much in such a short time. The high ceilings are going to be very impressive. When I saw the house I thought the little corner sink in the bathroom was adorable. Is it salvageable?

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