6/8/06 – Thieves

June 8, 2006 at 5:06 pm (732 Walnut Updates)

We were robbed last night.  The thieves made off with my mini-fridge, microwave, American flag and about 40 CDs.
The little weasels must have been spooked as they threw the CDs in our large dumpster out front — not sure if they intended to retrieve them later or just didn't like my taste in music.
All my tools were safe in the utility trailer at our main house and this incident helps reinforce our decision to buy the trailer when we started this project.  You simply can't leave any valuables at the project house — even if it's secure — because you're bound to have "visitors."
The little cockroaches got in through a side window and then used another window to shove the fridge, microwave and flag out as all the padlocked doors were still in good shape.
The Albany Police came and filed a report, dusted for fingerprints and talked with neighbors to see if anyone heard or saw anything.  The police were very proactive and are following up on some strong leads based on some strange folks in the area on Tuesday.



  1. Shannon Martinez said,

    I have a flag I would like to donate if you don’t already have one.

  2. Rod Porsche said,

    Thank you, Shannon!

    We have not yet replaced the flag that was stolen and would be honored to hang your’s.

    We appreciate you thinking of us and it will be great to see the Stars and Stripes hanging at 732 Walnut once again!

    Rod Porsche

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