6/15: Attacking the Apartment

June 20, 2006 at 5:09 pm (Articles on the House)

The demolition continues this week as I’ve been tackling the back apartment area.  This part of the house was the last addition (still very old) and has been used as an antiques business — we have the old metal sign “Joss-Dale Antiques.”   Most recently it had been used as an apartment with a separate entrance and its own kitchen.  I removed the kitchen — the metal sink and matching cabinet was dated 1952.  It’s rusty, but pretty cool actually. A couple of closets were added along the way, one in 1952 based on the newspaper they used as insulation to cover up a doorway.  Old Paper

One newspaper I found in the closet has been very well preserved; it’s dated March 11, 1964.  There’s a great advertisement for the NEW 1964 Chevrolet Impala with features such as: cigarette lighter, back-up lights, two speed wipers and a light in the trunk.  All this for just $2,399!


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  1. Jeff McCulloch said,

    Love the newspaper! Those old sinks are cool too. When we remodeled our kitchen, we had an old sink cabinet from about the same time period. It sold in four days via craig’s list for $120. When I was researching it’s value, I found several that were much more expensive on the internet, sinks only up to $1,000! Seems people like to use the sink tops on new cabinetry to achieve that retro look in an updated kitchen. (We went for a different retro look=)
    Walked by 732 Walnut this weekend and find the old beauty getting more attractive as it breaks out of it’s slumber. The neighbors must be absolutely delighted as what once had a negative impact will soon be the diamond that appreciatively pays everyone back for their patience with the old place.

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