6/21: Fun in the Sun

June 27, 2006 at 4:02 pm (732 Walnut Updates)

With the weather improving I decided to tackle a few outside projects this week.  The awning over the apartment doorway was poorly designed and in bad shape. 

Awning Before

You can see in the photos above hoAwning Afterw it covered part of the trim to a window and basically looked awful. 

With my trusty sawzall I had it removed in about an hour.

                   Sans Awning

After much deliberation we decided the added-on enclosed porch from the kitchen door had to go.  It was rotting — to the point where you could move the outside wall with one finger — and the foundation was crumbling.  The difference is striking–see before and after photos:
 Kitchen Porch Before                Kitchen Porch After
The kitchen will get a lot more light now that the window over the kitchen sink is exposed.  This side of the house always felt like a series of bad add-ons.  Removing these two eyesores has resulted in a much cleaner, less muddled and more original appearance.



  1. Leonard said,

    I cant wait to see this when its finished. It has so much character. Are you going to buiId a new awning over the door or Ieave it without?

  2. Rod Porsche said,

    Good question, Leonard. There is evidence that the doorway was once a window or at the very least had a transom window above the door. Judging from the construction materials, the awning was put on well after the last addition was built. My hunch is we’ll take it back to either a window or door with transom, so the awning is not likely to return.

    Thanks for interest! Keeping hitting this blog for updates!

    Rod Porsche

  3. Leonard said,

    I will, I went exploring the other pics after posting this actually and realised that its actually the other side of the house thats *really* amazing. Wow.

  4. Rod Porsche said,

    Do you live near Albany, Leonard? If so, feel free to swing on by and I’d be glad to give you the whole tour if you’re so inclined. I love to tell folks about the history of the house (as much as I know anyway) and it gives me a break from whatever hard, physical labor I’m doing at the moment. I’m usually there from 9-5 M-F. We’re on the corner of 8th and Walnut SW.


  5. Leonard said,

    I am in the UK unfortunately. So your updates had better be thorough. 😉

  6. Rod Porsche said,

    How did you stumble upon us from such a great distance?

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