6/22: Up on the roof

June 27, 2006 at 4:09 pm (732 Walnut Updates)

ChimneyI braved the rooftop today to remove three chimneys and a giant antenna – perhaps qualifying the home for tallest building in Albany.  OK, a slight exaggeration, but this antenna was mammoth and the house looks much better now.
The chimneys were all in poor shape as I could remove the bricks with my bare Roof without a chimneyhands.  The mortar was pretty much just sand making for easy demolition – no sledgehammer required.  We plan to keep the main chimney for the living room fireplace — it will need repair, but is still functional.  The others served no purpose, as they were vents for old cook stoves or furnaces.



  1. Jacho said,

    You either got guts, or checked out the roof from the attic real well before you went up there! I am not particularly terrified by heights, but from the looks of the roof I am not so sure I would want to walk around up there too much. You might end up opening up an express elevator shaft to the basement that way.

  2. Rod Porsche said,

    I guess I’ve got more guts than brains, Jacho, because I hopped right up on the roof without too much fear. The roof trusses are actually in pretty good shape except for a few spots where it’s so rotten I’ve had to add supports from inside the house. The area around the turret is especially bad, and I believe I would have created an express elevator shaft had I ventured too close.


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