DH Article/Have you seen our window?

July 19, 2006 at 5:33 pm (732 Walnut Updates)

Rod and Kate with Stained GlassThe Albany Democrat-Herald ran another full-page color article about our crazy house project. This feature focuses on two of the three stained glass windows that are back where they belong. Click here for the full article.

One critical element we wanted to stress is that the third stolen stained glass window has NOT been found. Instead, Pastime Antiques in downtown Albany, sold it to someone before we came along. We spoke to the owner and she vaguely recalls selling it in late April or early May for $65.We were hoping the person who bought the window might read the article and realize it’s from the same house and contact us. Sadly, this crucial point didn’t get conveyed in the article. So, now, we’re reaching out to you!

We know this is a stretch, but if anyone reading this blog purchased a window like this at Pastime Antiques, could you please contact us? The window is 52-inches wide and the bottom portion to the window you see in the picture above. However, has a stained glass border with a clear center. It will have flaking green exterior paint, with a layer of white paint underneath. The window’s interior paint color is a faded yellowish gold with distinctive mold splotches. Of course, we would gladly pay you in excess of what you paid for the window to be back home. It’s been the centerpiece of the Wright House for over 100 years and would complete the search for the missing windows. The DH has been great about promoting the restoration of the Wright House even before we acquired it in April. In fact, we found out about the house being available after a feature story was written in January. Click here to read the January article. All in all it was another well-written article, we just hope the person who has the still-missing window will somehow hit this blog, realize what they have and reach out to us!



  1. Linda Ellsworth said,

    Hi, I’m so glad that you folks purchased the George Wright house and are restoring it. I’m the person who did research on the owner of the house you had two/three years ago. i wanted you to know that George Wright published in 1929 a family genealogy. The Linn Genealogy Society Library in the courthouse has a copy if you are interested.
    Keep up the great work. Linda

  2. Rod Porsche said,

    Thanks for your kind words, Linda. We still live in the Martha Foster House, the one you researched a few years back.

    We are very much interested in understanding the history of George Wright among others who have lived in the house at 732 Walnut. Thanks for the information — we will stop by the Linn Genealogy Society Library very soon to learn more about the Wright family.

    Rod Porsche

  3. Beth Lloyd said,

    Hey Guys,

    Great article! Is it possible to ask the D-H to send the article out for AP, for other papers to pick up? Do they do this automatically? This way it might reach more people in surrounding areas. Also, it would be interesting to do a small ad in the paper (lost & found) or something for the remaining glass? Or ask the local antique stores if there is some sort of email list you could get to send out to other stores in the surrounding areas to keep eyes out for the glass. One last thought…if the glass isn’t found, maybe do a commission (a donation in conjunction with the D-H) for a local stained glass maker to replicate the original, what an honor for them to have their piece in such a great house. Ok, one more thought, possilby post the D-H article in the house, for others to see as they make their way around during next weekend’s tour. Keep up the great work!!!!!

  4. Shannon Martinez said,

    I just wanted you guys to know that I think the house looked great at the open house on Saturday. You are making such big strides. After seeing last years project house I can’t wait to continue following it through the next year and seeing it on the tour next year.

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