8/31/06 – Taking a Break

August 31, 2006 at 4:04 pm (732 Walnut Updates)

For the regular readers of this blog, you may have noticed we have been away for a while.  After working nearly every day since we purchased the Wright house in April, we took a much-deserved break following the Summer Home Tour (see pictures below).    Exterioir Front 2    Exterior Tour Day   Exterior From Corner  Interior Tour Day

Knowing 500+ people were likely to tour the house, we decided to remove all the boards from the windows to let the light shine in.  We also temporarily installed the two long missing stained glass windows recently discovered (see previous blog for that crazy story).  The stained glass windows looked beautiful and gave a hint of what the dining room and entry will look like when restoration is complete.  

We didn’t exactly go on vacation during the past month.  Instead, we dove into our main house’s kitchen, installing used countertops and cabinets acquired from Habitat for Humanity.  We replicated the look or our existing cabinets, using the same materials as we did in 2002 during our original kitchen upgrades.  (See photos below.)   
Before:                                                                       After:

 Lower Cabinets Before   Upper Cabinets Before          New Cabinets After

As a side note, many of you may have read the article about the Historic Kitchen tour in last Sunday’s Albany Democrat-Herald.  Our kitchen was part of this tour sponsored by the city of Albany and the group Kate heads, Friends of Historic Albany.  If you would like to become a member of FOHA or just find out more about the group, let Kate know by emailing at friendsofhistoricalbany@msn.com.  


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