9/12 – Foundation Work Begins!

September 12, 2006 at 10:42 am (732 Walnut Updates)

After months of trying to get bids from foundation repair experts, we finally settled on David Hayes Construction.  David is experienced at this sort of project and wasn’t scared off after seeing what was involved.   

We had intended to have this work done in June, not September, but we’re glad to finally see some progress on a critical step in our restoration of the Wright House.

  Foundation Work        Foundation Close UpWith a solid foundation, we will be able to level the rest of the house (it’s sagging in a few spots up front) and then it’s time for a new roof.  Looks like we’re going to go with Egner Roofing.  They will be able to squeeze us in just in time to avoid daily rainfall INSIDE the house.  Literally, every time it rains outside, it rains inside.  I’ve set up buckets in the really bad spots and dump the garbage can size barrels each morning.  Needless to say I’m glad we have had a very dry summer!



  1. Barb Branson said,

    Hey! I’ve missed seeing your ambitious self over at “the house”. But I did notice some new paint, and lights in your tree at the main house…good grief do you never tire? Seemed like the foundation guys were pretty laid back (ie slow and slower) hope you weren’t paying by the hour. Ha ha . The job looks good though. Since you wrote your last blog in Sept. and had buckets out then, I can imagine why you are not over there now. Anyway have a restful Thanksgiving and we’ll see you soon. Your neighbor on the other side of the parking lot. Barb

  2. Barb Branson said,

    Hey Rod! Kate and I drove by your “big” house tonite on the way to Hasty Freeze and decided you are one Christmas kind of guy! (and a Beaver). Your are the envy of Albany! Kate said she saw you up in the tree and your wife down below giving you encouragement. I can hardly wait to see the finished project. I understand Pacific Power has voted you their favorite customer. Ha Barb

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