5/10/06 – There’s a house under there!

South Side Cleared OutWe had begun to think that maybe we had just purchasedGarage Front a big pile of blackberries and ivy, but lowe and behold, there's a house under there…and a garage! A woman came by to tell Rod that she has worked across the street for twelve years, literally looking right at the house, and never knew there was a garage on the property.

Garage BackNow, getting to the garage was no easy task. The structure, or what's left of it was shrowded in enourmously large vines, which have had free reign of the place for decades.

As you can see, some of the vines were more like tree trunks.Vine

Rod cleared out piles and piles of blackberries, ivy and other viney type items from all sides of the house. The worst areas were, of course, the garage, and the south side of the house along 8th Avenue. We've had a number of people stop by, especially to comment on the unveiling of the garage. We very much appreciate all of the kind words and encouragement people have passed on to us, both in person and on this site!

Rod finished clearing out the house. Below are a couple of "after" pictures of the inside of the house including the living room, the kitchen.

LR Post Clear Out   China Cabinet in Kitchen

We found an "open" sign in the house, left over from the  antique store that was once runWe're Open in the back part of the house (what we call the "apartment"). Rod has taken the sign and posted it in the front window of the home as a friendly message to let folks know if we're there or not.

And, finally, what would a house be without a flag…the stars and stipes now proudly wave from the front porch. With just these couple Flagof weeks work, we swear that we can sense a new life–maybe a sense of newfound pride–from this house that was in such desparate need of repair and love. 


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