A little history

We live in the neighborhood where this house is located and had walked by it many times. We had always admired the home, even though it was covered in blackberry bushes and seemed in desperate need of repair. 

Then, on January 25, 2006, the Albany Democrat Herald published a story on the home. We could hardly believe our eyes! We figured that everyone and their dog would be contacting the owner about this great opportunity, but we figured we'd try too.

We wrote the owner a letter and waited forthe phone to ring. A couple of weeks later, it finally did. We met the owner's son at the house for a "tour", and an eye-opeing experience.  The owner had moved out of the home sometime between 2 and six years Kitchenprior, but left pretty much everything in the home. During that time, transients, curious kids, and knows who else broke in, rifled through stuff and turned the place upside down.

In addition, due to a bad roof above the turret, there was extensive water damage in the entry-way and living room. Even with all of this craziness, we decided to move on.turret damage

We formulated an offer and presented it to the owner. He accepted our terms. We thought it would be prudent to bring in an inspector, so I called a long-time friend and outstanding house inspector, Jeff Wearne. He came out to the house on a rainy Saturday to look at the places we couldn't see and, more importantly to look at it with the eyes of a professional.

We knew that the place needed major repairs, including a new roof, electrical, plumbing, and of course all the finish work. We were looking to Jeff to tell us what else it might need that our amature eyes glossed over. The long and short of it was, there was a lot we glossed over.  The foundation in the back is caving in on itself, as evidenced by the back addition being a good 10" off the foundation. (I can't believe I didn't see that – must have been the enthusiasm taking over).

At any rate, Jeff made us aware of where the house was really challenged (primarily the foundation) and alerted us to a couple of other things we didn't see at first viewing. We left feeling a little discouraged and somewhat overwhelmed. Could we really make this work? 

Armed with all the information we could get our hands on we set back to reviewing the numbers, and yes, we could still make it work. After some long discussions and some nail biting, we decided to continue on with the sale. And, after a short wait to track down an ex-wife of his (who needed to sign off on the title), which took surprisingly less time than we thought it might, and obtaining insurance on the home, which took surprisingly more time (and money) than we thought, we finally closed on the home on Thursday, April 20th (Rod's 40th  birthday – how's that for a gift!) So, now it's ours. eek! 

With as much interest and attention the place has been getting we figured we had better create a site where people can track our progress.  We'll be posting about every week, so check back to see where we're at.


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