Week 1

We closed on the house on Thursday, April 20,2006 (Rod's 40th birthday). Friday Dumpstermorning our first call was to the dumpster folks. They arranged to have a 40 cubic foot (i.e. gigantic) dumpster dropped that afternoon.

The next order of business was to trim down the blackberries Front Sans Blackberry Bushesenough around the front of the house in order to remove the window, no we wish, the plywood covering where the original, beautiful stained glass window, would have been. This allowed us to shove mattresses, sofas, chairs, etc., through the window opening rather than carry all the stuff through the house and down the very tenuous, rotting, front stairs.

It was a fun-filled couple of days loading a lifetime of belongings into a dumpster.  A special thank you to Oscar, Tamalynne and Ben Hult for their help on Sunday afternoon!

Unless you toured the inside of the home previously, it is hard for us to explain what we were dealing with. Basically a home full of belongings from a man who never really moved out. Furniture, kitchen items including food, spices, etc. a room full of magazines dating back to the 1960's, and more. Now, keep in mind, that over the last 6 years, the home has been broken into, which means that all of these "belongings" have been turned upside-down, rifled though and generally trashed. Here's some pictures from before we started.

   Bathroom Before Living Room Before3 Living Room Before Kitchen Before 2

Kitchen Before  Front Entrance Before  Apartment Kitchen Before

In an effort to make it clear to anyone who had been entering the home or staying Mowingthere that, as Rod puts it, "there was a new sheriff in town", we also mowed No Trespassingthe lawn (which may seem like a strange thing to do, but made the place look quite respectable) and posted "no trespassing" signs all around. We also put new padlocks locks on all of the doors (six) to the house. Hopefully people will get the idea they need to move on to somewhere else.

The last order of business for week one was the Datsun pickup. You may have seen this truck in the photo from the original article about the house. We learned from neighbors Datsunthat the Datsun had been there (in the yard) for somewhere between four and six years. The story goes that the owner had parked (left) it on the street for quite some time. Then, one summer, the paving contractors arrived to pave the street. Try as they might to contact the owner and get him to move the car, they had no luck. In the end, it was the paving contractors who pushed the car up onto the lawn where it sat until just last week.

Originally, we had hit up Rod's brother Brent to see if he would want it. We heard that it ran (once upon a time), and the owner actually found the keys and brought them to closing. Many people have asked us if the truck came with the house, and, like the rest of the things in the place, the answer was yes. So, Brent was on line to take the truck, when late one afternoon a young man stopped by and asked if we had a home for the truck. We told him we might, but to check back. After a quick phone-call to Brent, who gladly said that someone else could have the rusting pile of badness, we contacted the young man to let him know the truck was his!

Believe it or not, he was thrilled. Of course, we were thrilled and we think we saw some neigbors "high-fiving" each other when the thing got towed from its 6-year resting place, the lawn.

You'll all be happy to know that the young man came back to let us know that with a little lighter fluid in the carburetor, the thing started right up and he's actually been able to drive it!  How's that for a happy ending?


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